Add Ultrawarm node

UltraWarm stores data in Amazon S3 while using custom, highly-optimized nodes, purpose-built on the AWS Nitro System, to cache, pre-fetch, and query that data. This allows you to:

  1. Retain up to 3 PB of data in a single Amazon Elasticsearch Service cluster while reducing cost per GB by nearly 90% compared to existing Elasticsearch storage tiers.
  2. Run fast, interactive analytics on both your recent (weeks) and historical (months or years) log data without needing to spend hours or days restoring it from the archives.
  3. Easily query and visualize across both your recent and historical log data via your Kibana interface, enabling you to quickly identify and troubleshoot performance issues.

When searching and analyzing data, you don’t need to worry about which tier of storage that data is currently in as that is handled automatically. To start using UltraWarm, sign in to the AWS console, create an Amazon Elasticsearch Service cluster, and when selecting your nodes, enable UltraWarm. You can select UltraWarm1.medium.elasticsearch or UltraWarm1.large.elasticsearch instances.

For detailed information on Ultrawarm, please refer the documentation.

In this lab, you will be adding an Ultrawarm node to the elasticsearch domain that was created in the previous lab.