Migrate Indices to Ultrawarm

UltraWarm provides a cost-effective way to store large amounts of read-only data on Amazon Elasticsearch Service. Standard data nodes use “hot” storage, which takes the form of instance stores or Amazon EBS volumes attached to each node. Hot storage provides the fastest possible performance for indexing and searching new data.

Rather than attached storage, UltraWarm nodes use Amazon S3 and a sophisticated caching solution to improve performance. For indices that you are not actively writing to, query less frequently, and don’t need the same performance from, UltraWarm offers significantly lower costs per GiB of data. In Elasticsearch, these warm indices behave just like any other index. You can query them using the same APIs or use them to create dashboards in Kibana.

To know more about UltraWarm indices please refer the documentation.

In this section, you will migrate the index from ‘Hot’ to ‘Warm’ and query the data.