Explore data in Ultrawarm

  1. In Kibana dashboard, navigate to Dashboard tab from the burger menu. You’ll notice that the you are able to see the same data and visualizations that you saw before even though the data is migrated to Ultrawarm. This is cmpletely transparent to the user and there is no change that need to be done in query pattern / syntax to get the data from Ultrawarm.

  2. You can explore the data more using the Discover tab.

  3. Try running the same commands that you tried in the first lab of this workshop to see if you are getting the same data.

In the Search bar, type the below comamnd to search for ‘Successful transactions’


Type the below command to search for ‘Resourse not found’ errors.


You can also explore the data by providing various conditions such as:


You will see the exact same responses that you got when the index was in Hot storage. As an end user, you do not have to make any changes to query the data from either Hot or Warm indices.